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To perform a microdermabrasion treatment, the skin has to be clean and dry. This will enhance the PowerPeel® treatments and overall clinical efficacy. Please follow the microdermabrasion treatment procedures below:

  1. It is recommended to use the Oasis Skin Solutions Gentle Foaming Cleanser as the initial step to clean the skin. It is critical to remove any moisturizer, make-up or any other product that may be on the skin.

  2. After the skin has been cleaned with the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, the skin should be treated with Oasis Skin Solutions Microderm Prep Solution. This product will remove any remaining residue on the skin and prepare the skin for the treatment.

  3. Note: The skin must be completely dry before microdermabrasion treatment can be performed.

  4. The rate of exfoliation is directly related to the rate at which the handpiece is moved across the skin, or stroke speed, and the vacuum pressure setting. Vacuum pressure is increased by turning the Regulator Knob to the left. By increasing vacuum pressure the rate of exfoliation increases.

  5. Note: It is recommended to start the microdermabrasion treatment on the forehead. The forehead can be treated using either horizontal or vertical strokes. The upper cheekbone area, including the area under the eye, is treated by moving the handpiece from the nose to the ear. The remainder of the cheek and jaw area is treated by moving the handpiece in an upward motion from the jaw line to the cheekbone area.

  6. PowerPeel® offers the following vacuum power settings as a guideline only. The power setting you select will depend on the client's skin type and skin condition:

  7. 00 — 20: This is a low power setting and is selected for areas of sensitive skin, such as around the eyes (avoiding the lids), the neck, areas of rosacea, couperose, broken capillaries, etc.

    20 — 30: This is a low to medium power setting. It is ideal for a client's first treatment and for regular treatments on slightly sensitive skin or for estheticians/ physicians with a slower stroke technique.

    30 — 40: A medium power setting used for most routine treatments.

    40 — 50: A medium to high power setting used for thicker skin, hyperpigmentation and scarred areas. The client will feel the abrasion. The handpiece should be moved in quick short strokes to avoid discomfort.

    Note: Some clients with sensitive skin may find treatments uncomfortable. For clients with sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a lower power setting and perform additional treatments. (For example, 6 treatments at a normal setting are recommended for normal skin. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to perform more than 6 treatments at a lower setting). The treatment should never be painful. In most cases, clients find the treatments very enjoyable, as they receive an invigorating facial in addition to the treatment of the problem areas. Most clients notice softer and smoother skin after just one session. For significant results, at least 6 to 12 sessions are needed, spaced 7 to 10 days apart.

  8. Once the proper vacuum setting is selected, the operator should use the thumb and forefinger of the free hand to hold the skin taut. This will improve contact between the handpiece tip and the skin, creating a more effective vacuum.

  9. Begin treatment by gently moving the handpiece over the treatment area in short, quick strokes. In order to ensure a uniform exfoliation, cover the treatment area completely using horizontal strokes. When an area is completely covered in one direction, we refer to this as a "pass." It is recommended that two passes are made. Therefore, treat the same area again using vertical strokes at the same vacuum setting.

  10. A light coating of crystals will appear on the portion of the skin that has been treated. After the 1st pass is completed, simply brush away the remaining crystals, then continue with 2nd pass.

  11. Clean your waste filter after each client to ensure proper operation of your PowerPeel® Microdermabrasion System. The waste filter is cleaned by holding your finger over the handpiece tip hole, adjusting the vacuum setting to 50hg and quickly decreasing the vacuum setting to zero.

  12. The plastic tips are pre-sterilized and individually sealed. Once the seal is broken, they are no longer sterile. Once the tip is used, it must be discarded. Attempting to re-use tips or sterilizing them in an autoclave could result in a deformed aperture prohibiting adequate crystal flow. The only time you can re-use a tip is when a client is having a series followed by maintenance peels. The same tip can be used for a maximum of 15 peels.

  13. Note: The tip must be cleaned and dried before placing it in a bag for the next treatment.


    The crystals you have just used are contaminated with the dirt, oil and dead skin cells of the client you have just treated and have also been altered by use. They will not exfoliate properly a second time and must be discarded. In addition, by placing the used crystals in the clean container, the hygienic integrity of the system is compromised. Damage caused to your system due to re-use of crystals is not covered under your warranty.

    The crystals provided for use with the PowerPeel® Microdermabrasion System are the only crystals approved by UBSiAesthetics for use with our equipment. They have been tested for safety and effectiveness and are manufactured to our specifications. The use of any other product with your PowerPeel® Microdermabrasion System may damage your unit. PowerPeel® is not liable for any damage which may occur with the use of other crystals or abrasives. Damage to the machine due to such use is not covered under your warranty.



Your skin is made up of two main layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the layer closest to the outside world. It is a set of dead skin cells on top of another layer of cells that are in the process of maturing. The topmost layer of the epidermis is called the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum mostly acts as a barrier between the outside world and the lower skin layers. It keeps all but the smallest molecules from getting through.



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